Welcome to The Bridge

A new content platform from Pioneer DJ.

Welcome to The Bridge.

Through various kinds of content, The Bridge aims to explore what you might call the “holistic view” of electronic music.

Music and the dancefloor are, of course, the foundations of the scene. We’ll naturally want to tell you about the artists, sounds and movements that we’re most excited by.

But there’s also an important—and sometimes overlooked—social, emotional and environmental context that underpins the music we love. We want to uncover the deeper impact of music in our lives, how it brings us together, and even heals us.

This feels especially important in 2020. Electronic music has reached a turning point as it reckons with the effects of systemic racism, COVID-19 and climate change. How will the scene rebuild? What sort of future should we imagine?

We’ll begin The Bridge by examining and reaffirming dance music’s roots in Black communities and creativity. Across two features, we’ll hear from some of the music’s pioneering Black artists, who each reflect on the past, present and future of dance music through the lens of the Black experience.

Overall, The Bridge will look to engage deeply and authentically with the subjects we cover. The platform’s name was chosen for some of the reasons you might expect: connection, movement, the overcoming of obstacles. But we also wanted to expand these definitions to include different ways of thinking and behaving, beyond the binaries of the past.

To offer transparency, you may occasionally see us talk about a Pioneer DJ product, but it will only be with the ambition of producing content we think you’ll enjoy, with a wider relevance to the scene.

The Bridge’s editor is Ryan Keeling, who will be working with writers from across the world of electronic music.

We’re looking forward to getting started.