We studied DJs who are social media masters: Here’s what we learned

As a DJ, social media can be difficult to navigate. So we've analysed some of the best in the game for inspiration, drawing lessons that can be applied to your own social media.

Navigating the intricate and highly competitive landscape of today’s music scene is a big challenge, like trying to stand out in a massive crowd with everyone singing their own song. This is especially true of social media, where its sheer scale can be intimidating. The ceaseless scrolling and inscrutable algorithms of social media platforms can make gaining visibility and engagement seem like a daunting marketing exercise for any DJ or artist. So why is it even necessary to be on social media?

The answer lies in recognizing that, for better or worse, social media forms the pulse of the modern world. It’s the epicenter where people come together to connect, discover emerging talent, passionately share their interests, and express themselves. For artists, it can represent a contemporary stage, offering an unparalleled opportunity to perform to a global audience, or a virtual gallery where creations are perpetually on display. 

Yet, being on social media goes beyond visibility; it’s about nurturing a vibrant community, forging connections, and reaching corners of the world that were previously unimaginable. It’s a space where admirers evolve into friends, and the trajectory of an artist’s journey gains momentum in ways that were until now unattainable.

In the best cases, artists transcend the conventional notion of social media as a mere promotional tool. For them, this isn’t a sterile marketing machine; instead, they embrace it as an extension of their art. Social media becomes a natural conduit through which they share their talent, personal stories, and the evolution of their work. They treat the digital realm as an expansive canvas. 

In the following sections, we’ll dive deep into the strategies adopted by five of these exceptional artists, who have masterfully harnessed the power of social media. Through their experiences and insights, we’ll unravel the secrets behind their success, offering lessons for aspiring artists and DJs looking to make their mark on social media. By examining their journeys, we can understand how these artists have thrived in the jungle of social media and have inspired countless others along the way.


Jyoty is a compelling example of effective digital engagement, who offers valuable insights for fellow DJs. Through her authentic presence on various platforms, she has grasped the art of building a strong and loyal following.  

Jyoty’s ability to connect with her audience on a personal level sets her apart. Whether through her radio show, YouTube, SoundCloud or TikTok, she consistently shares her deep passion for music, exudes an infectious energy, and shows a real love for her craft. She vlogs with honesty, which resonates with her community and helps her to build new connections.

Jyoty’s followers appreciate her music recommendations and the way she actively engages with them. For instance, the popular “Don’t Believe the Hype” series with topics like “Vinyl or CDJ? Which one is the REAL dj?” and “I don’t get the hype around x”. Jyoty doesn’t view social media as a one-way communication tool; she listens to her audience, responds to their messages, and values their input. This has helped her create a robust and supportive community around her.

In the broader context of utilizing social media, Jyoty’s success underscores the power of being yourself as much as possible. She doesn’t conform to a contrived image or follow trends for the sake of popularity. If you’re an emerging DJ or artist, Jyoty’s approach shows that success isn’t solely measured by follower counts or likes—it’s about building meaningful connections. It’s tough to maintain authenticity, actively engage with an audience, and share your positivity in the social media space, but Jyoty is a great example of why these things are worth striving for.

Skrillex, Fred again.. and Four Tet

Fred again.., Four Tet and Skrillex have leveraged social media in unique and effective ways to connect with their audiences and enhance their careers. Consistent engagement with their followers is key to their strategy. They regularly share behind-the-scenes glimpses into their lives and artistic processes, creating a sense of intimacy and transparency. This includes posting photos and videos from their studio sessions, live shows and personal moments, allowing fans to feel like they’re part of their daily lives.

Another noteworthy aspect of their approach is hosting impromptu pop-up events and shows, turning social media into a platform for real-time, exclusive experiences. For instance, they’ve played secret sets in London clubs, Brooklyn’s Good Room, and even a makeshift bus in Times Square. This element of surprise and exclusivity keeps their fanbase eager to stay connected.

Additionally, they actively interact with their followers by responding to comments and messages, even involving fans in the creative process. Fred again.., for instance, has asked fans to contribute to the making of his records—like using a fan’s house in Amsterdam to make music. This approach goes way beyond what we might ordinarily call marketing. This approach builds trust, ultimately strengthening their fan loyalty. For aspiring artists and DJs, the key takeaway is to consistently engage with their audience, share exclusive content, and try to create a sense of community.


horsegiirL, the enigmatic DJ, producer and singer who conceals her identity behind a chestnut-colored horse mask, has harnessed the power of social media to catapult her music career into the stratosphere. Her viral hit with MCR-T, “My Barn My Rules,” which has so far reached 10 million streams on Spotify, owes much of its success to TikTok, where over 170,000 videos have featured her infectious track. Her blend of ‘90s rave, happy hardcore, hardstyle and Eurodance has captivated a younger generation, no doubt introducing some of them to these sounds. DJs like Charli XCX and Boys Noize have incorporated her music into their sets, further solidifying her mainstream presence.


The reaction to horsegiirL’s social media presence has been nothing short of remarkable. Her energetic and unpretentious approach resonates with people seeking an escape from the serious and turbulent world. This has in turn created a sense of positivity in her virtual spaces. The music industry, previously dominated by established norms and gatekeepers, is being disrupted by artists like horsegiirL, who leverage social media to bypass traditional channels. Her fans, or “farmies,” are always warmly addressed and are offered opportunities to win prizes

For artists looking to grow their social media presence, horsegiirL offers valuable lessons. Firstly, originality reigns supreme. She always embodies her unique style and identity, even behind her horse mask. Secondly, she tapped into nostalgia and recontextualising music, underscoring the idea that understanding trends can for some artists be valuable. Thirdly, she fosters an inclusive and energetic environment. In a world often marred by negativity and division, her positivity is a breath of fresh air.

@horsegiirlstella PUBLIC SERVEICE ANNOUNCEMENT! MY BARN MY RULES MUSIC VIDEO TOMORROW OR WHAT Yehaaaw brrr grr neigh giddy up! #mybarnmyrules #yeeehaw ♬ My Barn My Rules - MCR-T & horsegiirL

horsegiirL’s social media success  also exemplifies the democratization of the music industry. Social media provides a direct and accessible path for artists to connect with fans, breaking down barriers and affording creative expression. Artistic success can ride on fresh, vibrant and fun ideas.


Hamdi’s path in the music industry has been significantly shaped by his adept use of social media. Beginning his career at a young age, he shared his grime and dubstep productions on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube, putting his music in front of a global audience. This initial exposure helped him establish a foundation in the underground music scene.

One of Hamdi’s key strengths is consistency. He’s maintained a regular release schedule, ensuring that his audience can always anticipate new content. His diverse sound and genuine approach resonated with fans and fellow artists alike. Notably, prominent figures like EZ, My Nu Leng, Flava D and Skrillex recognized his talent and provided support. This not only boosted his credibility but also expanded his reach. 

Hamdi’s social media strategy highlights the importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision, emphasizing the significance of producing music from the heart. From rolling out a sleek series of videos in interesting places for his release “counting” to celebrating the song’s millionth play, it’s clear that the relationship he has with his fans is at the core of what Hamdi does.

The key takeaway from Hamdi’s social media is that consistency is the essential ingredient for building a thriving online presence and, consequently, a career in music.


VTSS’s distinctive and compelling social media presence has aligned with her identity as an artist. Her use of social media is a testament to the power of storytelling.

VTSS’s social media tracks her dynamic artistic transformation. Unlike artists who maintain a static persona, she openly shares her evolving musical path, which saw her transition from Berlin’s techno scene to exploring a diverse range of genres. This candid portrayal turns her social media into a relatable narrative. Followers don’t just receive her final creations; they accompany her through the process.

Moreover, VTSS distinguishes herself by being open. She discusses personal struggles, health challenges, and the toll of the demanding nightclub lifestyle. In an era dominated by carefully curated images, VTSS’s willingness to reveal her imperfections and confront challenges resonates deeply with her audience, establishing a sense of trust.

VTSS’s approach shows that a multifaceted and evolving online persona can work wonders. Aspiring DJs and artists can draw lessons from her openness, commitment to sharing her story, and her ability to connect with fans on a deeper level.


It’s important to understand that the digital world can appear daunting, and many people have reservations. You might wonder, “Can I find my place in this virtual realm? And is it worth the effort?” The answer is definitely “yes,” but the journey is likely to be different for everyone. 

To thrive in the digital sphere, you need to carve a unique path. Anticipate some challenges. Know that it won’t always be smooth sailing, but these hurdles are valuable opportunities for personal growth and skill development.

Take inspiration from the artists we’ve discussed but don’t aim for mere imitation. Adapt their principles to align with your individual story. Even if it’s on a far smaller scale, your relationship with social media can be just as rewarding as theirs. 

Text: Vanessa Maria

Jyoty photo top: Sophia Carey